Profile (pronounced eaccountants dot us) is founded by a CPA with over 17 years experience working with small businesses, startups and mid-market companies.

Our goal is to provide businesses and accounting professionals with paperless (remote), online, electronic accounting and tax services. By providing an outsourced department to attend to routine tasks, our clients have more time to do what they do best - grow their business. Our service allows clients to instantly reduce their costs by over 40% and scale up or down as needed. We offer the highest quality of accounting and tax services.

We are incorporated in the U.S and headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Every client of ours will receive individual attention and customized service. Each account is managed by a dedicated and experienced professional, providing the right combination of service, tools & technology for maximum efficiency, convenience and value.

We are deeply committed to providing superior service, and believe in conducting our business in an ethical manner. Your privacy is important to us: therefore, your information is not disclosed to anyone and we will never contact your clients; you maintain complete control of your client relationship. Likewise, security is vital: you choose how to deliver your data to us and your data resides on secure servers in the U.S.

Our bottom line is Quality Service

Choosing a specialized company for outsourcing your accounting and tax services makes sense. Our specialty is bookkeeping, tax preparation and business services and that is all that we do. Since we are not too diversified and are focused on our core expertise, we are able to address our client's specialized business needs and maintain an on-going commitment to staying abreast of new knowledge for your benefit.