Where is eaccountants.us registered?

eaccountants.us is a U.S. corporation registered in the state of Georgia.

What can eaccountants.us do for us?

Using secure online platforms, the staff at eaccountants.us can access and turnaround client files 24/7. We also provide our clients the logistics and infrastructure to tap into our pool of talented and educated offshore labor at a fraction of the cost.

Why should I outsource my accounting/bookkeeping/tax preparation to eaccountants.us?

Our dedicated team of professionals, both onshore and offshore can provide high quality client financial data with quick turnaround time at approximately 50% of the cost of doing it in house. By outsourcing to eaccountants.us, you gain the following advantages -

  • Grow your business by providing value-added services,
  • Reduce your overhead costs,
  • Focus on your core competencies,
  • 24/7 access to data and delivery,
  • Friendly customer service,
  • Secure access to data

How do I send source documents and information to eaccountants.us?

Simply scan the appropriate documents and upload to our secure server or send via email, fax or regular mail.

Can you quantify the cost-savings of eaccountants.us services?

Due to our qualified and trained accounting professionals at our data center in India, on an average, our clients would experience a 50% cost-savings.

How are the services priced?

We have fixed rates for our tax preparation services and hourly rates for our bookkeeping services. We would be happy to discuss your needs and find the right pricing strategy for your firm.

Would you approach my clients directly?

We do not compete with you, rather operate in the background, as an extension of your firm. We work and deal with your office and your staff and would never contact your clients directly. To ensure this we will sign a non-compete, non-solicitation agreement with your firm. Further all our staff in the U.S and our India office is required to sign a non-compete, non-solicitation agreement. We enforce and monitor this very strictly.

Is my data secure?

Data in transit is secured by SSL and 128 bit technology and data in storage is protected by encryption. Unauthorized users cannot access the data. We also take several steps to prevent data being compromised by insiders. Our staff members in India do not have recording devices on their computers such as CDs, floppy disks etc, they have limited internet or email access. No paper or pen is allowed in the workarea. Our facility has card based access control. Above all data resides in the U.S and our data center in India have dumb terminals that can only access data via a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) access.

How would I communicate with eaccountants.us?

Each and every client would have a U.S representative to contact at our Atlanta office. In case of queries or clarifications, your U.S representative will conference our bookkeepers, accountants at our data center via telephone, fax, email or instant messaging to resolve all queries. Our U.S. based team serves as your primary point of contact.

How does the staff in India stay current with U.S. accounting practices?

Our global operations is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Our U.S. and India-based staff work closely to ensure that account teams participate regularly in continuing education and training programs conducted by bookkeeping software (QuickBooks, Peachtree etc) as well as tax software.